"Chinese luxury jewelry captures global attention".

Guangzhou, China - From handcrafted jewelry to'innovation and luxury, China reinvents the world of jewelry. The third edition of theInternational Gems & Jewelry Trends of China to which ELEMENTS Innovate had the honor of taking part highlighted the spectacular metamorphosis of jewelry. Made by China "The event, held in Guangzhou's prestigious Panyu district, not only showcased the breathtaking creations of Chinese luxury brands. Held in Guangzhou's prestigious Panyu district, the event not only showcased the breathtaking creations of Chinese luxury brands, but also underlined the importance of the Chinese luxury industry.'China's technological and artistic advances in this field. Discover this fascinating world through the eyes of Mariana Serban, founder of the agency ELEMENTS Innovatehaving worked with leading luxury companies such as Bulgari, Louis Vuitton (LVMH group), Cartier and Graff Diamonds.



Panyu stands out not only as a nerve center for the'jewelry industry in China, but also projects itself as a key player for the'the future of this global industry. His calling card? World Jewelry Panyu Smart Manufacturing". Panyu World Center for Intelligent Jewelry Manufacture.


At the same timethis ambitious region is fine-tuning the'harmonize its assets in the industrial chain - from jewelry to textiles, culture and tourism - to fully embrace the advances of the digital and ecological technology. With a vision resolutely focused on the'future, Panyu aims to

to develop an industry valued at $100 billion, thus asserting its leading role on the global jewelry scene.A remarkable advance that transforms "Made IN China" into "Made in China". Made BY China "


L'image of "Made in China" has long been associated with accessible products, often perceived as inferior in quality, responding to a global demand for affordable goods. This perspective is now changing, giving way to a new era of "Made in China". "Made BY China". The company stands out for its exceptional quality, intensive research and development to ensure innovation, combined with the contribution of designers trained at the world's leading design schools, as well as the quality of its products.'use of websites and'state-of-the-art plants equipped with cutting-edge technologies, such as the'print 3D and the'artificial intelligence. This transition highlights a strategy focused on progress, superior quality and advanced design, marking the shift to high-flying, global production. A complete ecosystem revolving around luxury is being put in place. It's no longer a question of simply producing, but ofinnovating and reinventing !

The event, the fruit of close collaboration between the Panyu district government, the'China Gem and Jewelry Association (GAC) and the magazine China Gem MagazineThe event brilliantly highlighted how brands such as Mokingran, TSL, Zhengde Dongqi, Edison pearls Grace and YilanLiuare redefining the standards of luxury jewelry, proving that China is at the cutting edge of innovation.'innovation in this sector. Guests shared their ideas and trend analysis during the show, including the talented young designer Wallis Hong., historians Vivienne Becker and Amanda Triossiinfluencers such as Tracey Ellison (aka TheDiamondsGirl) and other emblematic figures from the world of jewelry.


The local and international delegation successively explored key sites such as the industrial park and the d'SHAWAN exhibition and the Jinjunhui international jewelry trading center. The visit highlighted the'huge potential for collaboration between China and the rest of the world. ELEMENTS Innovate playing an important role in the cultural and industrial exchangesopening the way to new international cooperation initiatives.

Mariana Serban adds: "L'Panyu's visionary approach, which skilfully combines intelligent manufacturing and sustainable development, heralds an era when the quality manufacturing I call " Made by China "will conquer the world market and will produce both unique, high-end creations using noble materials such as gold and natural gems, as well as more accessible, trendy creations using silver treated to last and synthetic stones of breathtaking quality, even for a gemmologist. ! "

Live video streaming (nationwide) of the three-day conference reached an impressive 58 million views.




Let's follow the evolution together.


We invite the media, jewelry enthusiasts and luxury consumers to follow this transformation closely. The Panyu event n'is that'an overview of the'excellence and'innovation that China continues to offer the world of luxury.