The agency continues to expand in France, 

the local press is talking about it.


"ELEMENTS Innovate, founded by a former executive at Maison Cartier, opens its Nantes branch "


We were interviewed by the Nantes area press on the occasion of the opening of our local offices.

Excerpts from articles that appeared in :

COM&MEDIAS (by Florent Godard, Editor-in-Chief); and in 

The judicial informant (by Florence FALVY, Economic journalist)

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Founded in the Paris region, ELEMENTS Innovate has now arrived in Nantes. The communications and digital marketing agency operates in a wide range of fields: social media, SEO, website design, strategy, PR, events, branding, training. Its customers? Mainly players in the electronics, retail and luxury sectors.

Its CEO, Mariana SERBAN, has long worked in this field. In particular, she was "haute joaillerie" sales manager at Cartier. ELEMENTS Innovate's portfolio includes references such as METZ (Skyworth Group), Yael Designs, WEMOOVE and Joaillerie Dyne.


International and luxury experience.

Although the agency, which was born in 2016, gained a foothold in Nantes in 2022, commercial activity really got underway there in 2023. Originally, it was a family project.

"We imagined that our very international profile might not interest companies in the region".says Mariana SERBAN.

"But as the discussions went on, I realized that this profile represented real added value. Just like our experience in retail and luxury goods - whose codes can be used to better sell and communicate".

"Over the course of our discussions, I realized that our profile represented real added value. Just like our experience in retail and luxury goods - whose codes can be used to better sell and communicate".

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Nantes is the metropolis of France's Great West.
The town lies to the south of the Armorican Massif, which stretches along the banks of the Loire River.

Nantes is close to the Atlantic Ocean, about 50 kilometers away. It's a city full ofhistory but also very rooted in modernity.

Nantes, capitae of the Dukes of Brittany, is one of the most important Europe's most important cultural crossroads with numerous events and events.

Labelled city ofart and historyWith a population of 300,000, Nantes is France's sixth most populous city.

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"Nantes is a very dynamic city, and the challenge in the region is very great. So I want to develop the local clientele because there's a lot of potential with the presence of brands that need a different approach to stand out.says Mariana Serban, founder of ELEMENTS Innovate, who has over 20 years' experience in the luxury goods industry. 
The company plans to relocate its offices from the Paris region to the Loire city by 2024/2025. The move which could be accompanied by an extension.
If the market is buoyant, the agency specializing in communication and digital marketing, and relies on a network of freelancers, is also looking to strengthen its teams, in search of profiles with a digital background and/or experience of the Nantes market. 
Mariana Serban, who claims sales of €1 million, estimates that the local market could generate growth of between 25 and 30 % over a year.

A specialist in retail, luxury and tech, Elements Innovate offers a range of services (social media, website creation, SEO, branding, training...) 


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It counts among its French and international customers:

Metz Electronics (Skyworth group), Dyne jewelry, Yael Designs
(brand management, audit), the French brand Wemoove (exceptional mirror touch screens),
Art B.J (Temprecieux brand) and Ferreira Gems.